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Customer Satisfaction
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Read Testimonial Letter from Advanced Glazing Systems: Click here.

FAMATEC Material handling solutions constantly invests in the total satisfaction of their clients, assisting them at every moment regarding our glass lifting equipment, glass handling equipment, window installation equipment, industrial glass installation, commercial glass installation equipment, ergonomic lift solutions, ergonomic manipulators and glass handling equipment.

From the very first contact, professionalism, competence and excellent service make up the foundation for a relationship that places the client first in every circumstance.

An organizational structure in accordance with the most modern management standards was created to guarantee appropriate assistance, which has made FAMATEC Material Handling Solutions the choice of some of the most prestigious companies when they are in search of material handling equipment, material handling solutions, metal lifting equipment, marble slab lifting equipment, suction pad grip equipment, glass suction cups, industrial glass handling, ergonomic equipment, ergonomic manipulators, ergonomic lift solutions and window installation equipment.

The professionalism and skill of our Customer Service Department follows the client through the phases of installation, maintenance, technical intervention requests and requests for spare parts, and provides all of the necessary tools for convenient, easy use and perfect functionality of all FAMATEC material handling solutions.

FAMATEC Solutions Provide:

FAMATEC Handling Solutions provides: custom ergonomic solutions, easy lift solutions, ergonomic lift solutions, ergonomic manipulators, glass installation equipment and safety material handling equipment in the United States and all countries in North America.

Connect With Us Today

Address: 6504 Snider Road
Loveland, OH 45140
United States

Phone: 855-326-2832