At Famatec Handling Solutions, Our Mission is to create value and safety for our clients through excellent solutions and service as they relate to auto glass installation, industrial glass installation equipment, industrial window installation, auto glaze, commercial glass installation, glass handling equipment, glass handling suction cups, glass installation equipment and glass lifting equipment.

Famatec Handling Solutions strives to unite all of our best professional and human resources, while respecting the dignity of the individual through participation, personal growth, honesty and transparency. We aim to satisfy the needs of the productive material handling environment by improving working conditions, safety and quality by providing the safest, most usable glass lifting equipment, glass handling equipment, window installation equipment, industrial glass installation, commercial glass installation and glass handling equipment available in North America.

Achieving the ambitious goals that we have set for our material handling company also satisfies the expectations of our shareholders. It is our intention to fulfill our individual lifetime needs for growth and belonging while remaining fully aware of our responsibility to society as a whole.