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Friendly (Multiple Suction Cups)

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Load from 5 up to 800 kg – Radius of action 3-4-5-6 meters. 

Gripping solution with suction cup to lift, handle and pair products of various type and shape in different phases of the production and assembly, meeting all safety and ergonomics requirements. 

The type and form of the suction cups are thought to fit the kind of product to handle; round, oval, for high temperature, for explosion-proof environments. The quantity and the position of these cups are designed to enable a safer grip also when the products have a complex form. 

The broad range of FAMATEC balancing arms can be installed in different configurations directly on the workstation, they enable an easy and quick lifting and transport of every kind of manufactured product and a delicate and precise release in the correct position. 

Suction cups for the handling of flat surfaces in plate, glasses, doors and windows, plastic panels, wood laminates, steel plates, sandwich panels, big and small drums, coils, rolls. Friendly suction cups for machining centers, cutting machines, washing machines, production lines for isolating glasses or double glazing, cutting tables, tempering ovens, assembly stations, saws, machine tools, shears, laser cutting and plasma jet cutting.

Gingo (Mobile)

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MANIPULATOR ON WHEELS with 24V compressor and rechargeable batteries installed on it. Loads from 5 up to 350 kg.

Balancer on wheels, very smooth to move, independent, pedestrian drivable in the different working areas. Autonomous for the whole working day without having to connect it to the compressed air supply circuit. 

GINGO is appropriate to lift and handle products without limitation of distances and areas. For the handling of producton of all kind and shape, the gripping can be with suction cups, clamps, magnet and forks. 

GINGO gripping tools can have frontal, lateral movements, witho motorized tilting and/or rotation on the differten axels according to the required needs of handling. 

FAMATEC Solutions Provide:

FAMATEC Handling Solutions provides: custom ergonomic solutions, easy lift solutions, ergonomic lift solutions, ergonomic manipulators, glass installation equipment and safety material handling equipment in the United States and all countries in North America.

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