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Product Gripping and Tilting
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FAMATEC FRIENDLY is a standard material handling solution for specific applications with common requirements. User-friendlyness, unique design and extreme detail care are the key points of FAMATEC Friendly success. When practicality and innovation unite, then utility takes on a new dimension, and becomes INDISPENSABLE.

Ergonomic Manipulators Make Gripping and Titling Simple

Product gripping is quick and safe, thanks to the suction pads, controlled by a highly efficient vacuum system. Our ergonomic lift solutions can handle various product geometries; the suction pads can be quickly adjusted in both directions and/or aligned to take up very long and narrow products.

Product release is safe; a special FAMATEC Material Handling safety device supports the product until it reaches destination before allowing release, avoiding accidents.

Using the two handy controls on the material handling console you can tilt the product to the required angle, with smooth progressive action.

The operator can tilt the product from 0° to a maximum of 93°, quickly, efficiently and in complete safety. The maximum tilting angle can be varied and adjusted, speeding up the working cycle in the case of load positioning on inclined carriages.

To maximize safety and avoid the operator being struck by the product during tilting, the console moves smoothly, bringing the operator near the load or moving him away from it as necessary.

Going beyond the customary to establish a new benchmark for requirements needing: material handling equipment, material handling solutions, metal lifting equipment, marble slab lifting equipment, suction pad grip equipment, glass suction cups, industrial glass handling, ergonomic lift solutions, ergonomic manipulators, ergonomic equipment, glass installation equipment and window installation equipment.

FAMATEC Solutions Provide:

FAMATEC Handling Solutions provides: custom ergonomic solutions, easy lift solutions, ergonomic lift solutions, ergonomic manipulators, glass installation equipment and safety material handling equipment in the United States and all countries in North America.

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Phone: 855-326-2832